Welcome to the Oklahoma State Poultry Federation official website.  We are an Oklahoma Poultry Club that was formed in 1914 and throughout many years the club has held poultry shows, even hosting APA and ABA National shows. The club has the deep history through its years of existence!

We welcome everyone that would like to come to show with us and look forward to seeing you at the show!

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OSPF supports ALL Oklahoma shows!
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  1. Best Location
    The location of Shawnee Oklahoma, provides us with a great location for a poultry show that is centrally located in the State of Oklahoma. The show hall is located at the Shawnee Expo Center.
  2. Experienced Team
    We have an experienced team of officers that know and understand how to run a poultry show.
  3. Show Hall Video
    This element will show you part of the show hall set up, prior to birds arriving to the show.
       Two Show's will be held in the same location in 2018
Our regular show is December 8th, 2018. 

The Oklahoma State Poultry Federation will host the American Poultry Associations District 7 Meet Dec. 8, 2018.

The North American Poultry Breeders have placed an APA National Meet at  Shawnee as well! 

Their date is November 17-18 2018 at the expo center in Shawnee, Ok. 

For more information on the National meet go to www.northamericanpoultrybreeders.com.

Selected judges for December 8th, 2018

Anthony Ashley
Tom Roebuck
Michael Schmidt
Marty McGuire
John Monaco

Brian Gates
Tylor Murray
Monty Fitzgerald

2018 Meets

National Meet
Dutch Bantam Society

District Meets
American Poultry Association
OEGBCA District 10 Meet

State Meets
American Bantam Association
Cochins International
The American Sumatra Association
American Langshan Club
Araucana Breeder Exhibitor Club
Western International Water Fowl Breeders Association
American Buckeye Poultry Club
Japanese breeders Association
Southwestern American Brown Leghorn Club
 Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club
International Cornish Breeders